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My Healthy Cooking Coach

Nintendo DS
ESRB: Everyone
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With My Healthy Cooking Coach, you can now bring delicious and healthy dishes to your own table.

My Healthy Cooking Coach helps you prepare new recipes while expanding your cooking skills and learning more about how to cook healthier. It takes you through each recipe, telling you what to do step by step making cooking less time consuming.

My Healthy Cooking Coach provides also a large selection of useful tools such as the virtual recipe finder and the shopping list that will simplify the cooking process. It also provides useful nutritional tips for every recipe in the game which have been developed by a nutritionist.


• Create a personalized profile to set your preferences such as budget, time constraint, calories or ingredient preferences. Daily suggestions will show up depending on your profile.
• Browse through over 250 healthy and delicious recipes developed by chefs.
• Learn more about each recipe with the nutritional tips provided by a certified nutritionist.
• Handsfree option can be activated for step by step voice assistance and the ability to use your own voice to control the pace of each recipe.
• Find recipes that you can make with the ingredients you already have at home with the use of the virtual refrigerator and the virtual cupboard.
• Plan weekly meals with the calendar.
• Make your grocery shopping with your shopping list based on the ingredients needed for the meals you want to prepare.
• Visual glossary to look in if the player doesn’t know about an ingredient, a utensil or a cooking technique.
• Practice recipes in the virtual kitchen before trying them for real to avoid any mess.

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Nintendo DS
Release Date
23 Jun 2009
No. of Players
1 player
Life Training
ESRB: Everyone
Alcohol Reference
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