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Don't forget to bring your Nintendo 3DS

Set your system to Sleep Mode and carry it with you wherever you go to exchange certain game data like Mii™ characters, high scores and special items with other users you pass on the street.

How it works

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Let the world into your games

There are tons of games with cool StreetPass features, and the list keeps getting longer. Challenge each other, exchange items, recruit helpers, and more!

Be sure to turn on the StreetPass feature in each game, so you can take advantage of StreetPass tags and information.

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Populate StreetPass Mii Plaza with new friends

StreetPass Mii Plaza is the place to greet new Mii characters, outfit your own character, and play games with your new friends.

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StreetPass and SpotPass

Both StreetPass and SpotPass connect your Nintendo 3DS to the world, but they work very differently. StreetPass lets you swap data with other people and SpotPass is a way to receive new content from Nintendo via the Internet.

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StreetPass from Nintendo

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