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    PAC-MAN™ 99 End of Service Announcement


    PAC-MAN 99 for Nintendo Switch was discontinued on 8 October, 2023. Distribution of the main game and sales for each DLC has ended.

    As of 8 October 2023, the distribution of free Custom Themes ceased, and the game is no longer available to download for new users (those who have previously downloaded it are still able to redownload the software and any related purchased DLC).

    Online play is also no longer possible in any of the game’s online modes:

    • PAC-MAN 99 Battle Royale
    • PAC-MAN 99 Battle Royale (Private Match)
    • The Online Leaderboard section of Records

    Users who purchased the Mode Unlock or Deluxe Pack DLC before 8 September 2023 are still able to enjoy all offline modes (CPU Battle, Score Attack and Blind Time Attack) after the end of service, as well as any Custom Themes they have purchased.