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  • You can pre-order Pikmin 4 on My Nintendo Store to receive a bonus Phone Holder!


    Pikmin are back for another grand mission in Pikmin 4, coming to Nintendo Switch on July 21st!

    A new adventure blossoms onto Nintendo Switch on July 21st! These tiny, plant-like creatures inhabit a mysterious planet. Grow, pluck and command them, as you traverse this new world with their help.

    You can now pre-order Pikmin 4 on My Nintendo Store to receive a bonus Pikmin 4 Mobile Phone Holder! Those who have already pre-ordered will have their order automatically upgraded. Pre-order items are limited and strictly subject to availability.


    Pikmin come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours! For instance, Red Pikmin don’t sweat fiery obstacles, Blue Pikmin are great swimmers, and the newly discovered Ice Pikmin keep things cool by freezing enemies and the environment around them.

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    Haven’t embarked on your floral adventure yet? Try out the free demo now on Nintendo eShop and transfer your progress to the full game when it releases!

    Discover more about the game at the Pikmin 4 gamepage.

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