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  • Xenoblade Chronicles: New Let's Play videos and soundtrack offer


    16th August 2011 – With the launch of Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii just a few days away, fans of the epic RPG have plenty to get excited about as Nintendo launches new Let’s Play episodes on the game’s YouTube Channel, and Club Nintendo members who register the game can look forward to downloading the official soundtrack.

    Anyone eager to explore more of the expansive world of Xenoblade Chronicles will be glad to find out that new episodes in the Let’s Play series are launching on the Xenoblade Chronicles YouTube Channel this week. Episode 3 takes viewers deep into the Ether Mine to explore the empowering benefits of crafting gems from ether crystals, while Episode 4 will show how the player’s efforts in helping to rebuild the ruined Colony 6 can have significant impact on the way the game develops, later this week.

    Club Nintendo members are also in for a treat, as those who register their copy of the game before 30th September will for a limited time be able to download the game’s official soundtrack from the Treasures section of their Club Nintendo account. One of the Iwata Asks: Xenoblade Chronicles provides an in-depth look into the creation of the game’s soundtrack, with plenty of audio clips to get into the mood.

    As the game’s launch date of 19th August approaches, the wait for Xenoblade Chronicles is nearly over, and fans of engrossing adventure games will soon have the chance to immerse themselves in everything this epic RPG for Wii has to offer.