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  • Weekly download news


    Get the most out of your Wii or Nintendo DSi by downloading new software directly from the Wii Shop Channel or Nintendo DSi Shop in exchange for Nintendo Points. More information on WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare can be found at the bottom of this article. This week, the following new releases are now available to download:

    New, original games offering something for everyone!

    Cruise Party
    All aboard for Cruise Party! Watch out for bankruptcy!

    Enjoy your massage!
    Congratulations! You have just been hired as an apprentice masseur of Giselle's beauty farm, one of the most famous in the city. Learn new relaxing massage combinations and apply them on your stressed customers! As an apprentice, you'll have to do your best: if your client gets angry, no one will save you from losing your job, but if you prove to be able, you might even become the director of the whole beauty farm! So what are you waiting for? Six clients are waiting for your help, you are the only one who can help them!

    WiiWare Demos
    Sample WiiWare games for free by downloading demo versions from the Wii Shop Channel. The following WiiWare games are currently available in demo form:

    • Chronos Twins DX
    • ThruSpace: High Velocity 3D Puzzle
    • Jett Rocket
    • Furry Legends
    • Zombie Panic in Wonderland

    You can also see a list of currently available free WiiWare demos by clicking here.

    Virtual Console
    Enjoy classic games from yesteryear on your Wii console!

    SPIN MASTER is a thrilling side-scrolling action game that puts you in the shoes of an adventurer named Johnny who must set across treacherous terrain to rescue his kidnapped girlfriend and recover his stolen piece of a treasure map. Jump and attack your way through the game making use of the wide range of special attacks available for an explosive and invigourating combat experience. On top of that, another player can also join in for double adventuring action!

    Nintendo DSiWare
    Access a world of new possibilities with Nintendo DSiWare.

    Legendary Wars T-Rex Rumble
    In a dark corner of prehistory, a tiny tribe of human ancestors struggle to survive, desperately searching for food and the means to defend their village. Command over twenty men to defend your village against hordes of dinosaurs and simultaneously manage the constant search for food. Control your tribe’s actions to efficiently gather resources and boost their numbers. Gather knowledge to increase their power and enlist the help of a powerful Shaman to heal your men and confound your enemies. Under your leadership, the human race has a fighting chance. Amass power to take on the mightiest of foes… The T-Rex.

    Robot Rescue
    Robot Rescue is a fun logic game based on a simple but entertaining concept - your mission is to free robots trapped in 45 evil computer labyrinths while avoiding deadly traps. Sound easy? Not so fast! Each robot shares linked controls... so when you move one, you move them all! It will take clever planning and nerves of steel to pull off this electronic escape. You will need to avoid many traps like mines or electrical circuits and use special elements for your advantage like glue stains. Choose one of 3 levels of difficulty and get ready for a challenge!

    About WiiWare (Wii Shop Channel)
    To discover more about WiiWare and read about the other WiiWare games currently available, visit the WiiWare home page.

    About Virtual Console (Wii Shop Channel)
    The Virtual Console is a treasure trove of classic games from past consoles like N64, NES, SNES, SEGA Mega Drive, SEGA MASTER SYSTEM, NEOGEO, Commodore 64 and TurboGrafx (PC Engine) and even the arcade era! Find your favourite games from yesteryear! Click here to read more about all Virtual Console games available.

    About Nintendo DSiWare (Nintendo DSi Shop)
    Nintendo DSiWare offers an ever-expanding collection of games and applications exclusive to Nintendo DSi. From useful applications like the Nintendo DSi Browser to bite-sized versions of your favourite games, there's always something new in store! Click here to read more about all Nintendo DSiWare games available.

    About Nintendo Points
    With your Nintendo DSi or Wii wirelessly connected to the Internet you can access the Nintendo DSi Shop or Wii Shop Channel and start browsing. In the Nintendo DSi Shop, you can turn Nintendo Points into Nintendo DSi Points and redeem them for Nintendo DSiWare games and applications. In the Wii Shop Channel, you can turn Nintendo Points into Wii Points and redeem them for Virtual Console games, Wii Channels or WiiWare games. Nintendo Points can be purchased at retail outlets. They can also be bought directly as Nintendo DSi Points in the Nintendo DSi Shop, or as Wii Points in the Wii Shop Channel. Click here to read more about Nintendo Points for the Nintendo DSi.