Terms for participating in and viewing Community Tournaments using Nintendo games (for all Participants and Spectators)

Nintendo wishes to support in making Nintendo games, online services and events safe, friendly and enjoyable for everyone.

To this end, we have listed below a few things Nintendo would like to ask of you when participating in or viewing Community Tournaments. Please read through them carefully.

  • Please comply with Nintendo Account User Agreement and Community Guidelines
  • Regardless of the tournament result, please respect everyone, including other Participants, Spectators, Organisers and management staff, and refrain from any discrimination, abusive language, or offensive or inappropriate behaviour.
  • Participants must abide by the rules of the event and games, and avoid using inappropriate player names or team names.
  • Underage Participants should consult with and obtain consent from a parent or guardian before participating in Community Tournaments.
  • The user of unauthorised software or tools, pirated or modified versions, etc., is prohibited.

Nintendo reserves the right to take appropriate action against Community Tournaments where these rules are not followed. To ensure that everyone who participates has fun and has smiles on their faces, please follow the rules and make it an enjoyable Community Tournament.