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Part 2: Preparing for your hunt in MONSTER HUNTER RISE

So, you’ve picked your weapon and armor, practiced your moves in the Training Area, and accepted a quest. Sounds like you’re ready to hunt!

In Part 2 of our “Preparing for your hunt” series, we’ll be giving you a few general tips that could make your outings go a bit smoother.

Visit the Canteen

If you’re going hunting, make sure you don’t leave town with an empty belly! Hit up the Canteen to see what meals (Bunny Dango) they’re offering. Whether you’re looking to increase your hit points or defense, or add bonuses to your Palico, browse the menu items and see what combinations you can make.

When the Canteen item selection screen is open, you’ll see which Bunny Dango you can select along with what status effects each may give. For each piece, you’ll also see an “Activation Chance.” The higher the percentage, the better your odds are of gaining those additional effects. But perks aren’t guaranteed—unless you use a Dango Ticket! Just remember that Dango Tickets are rare to come by, so use them when you know you’re in for a tough fight.

Did you forget to eat before you left the village? No problem! You can head into your tent at camp to chow down at the beginning of a quest. Most quests have a time limit, so eating after you get to the hunting grounds could cost you precious time.

Expedition Tours

Quests called Expedition Tours are a great way to stay stocked up on resources. They are designed to let you explore and familiarize yourself with areas without a time limit. Have a look around and stock up on items you’ll need, like herbs and meat.

While you can always use the Training Area to try out a new weapon’s moves, Expedition Tours are a great way to see how they feel in action! Take a few swings at smaller prey or find larger monsters to really put your weapon to the test. You can also experiment with the Wirebug to get the hang of moving around with it.

Endemic life

Each area is teeming with wildlife, including some very helpful creatures known as “endemic life.” These little critters can offer a variety of perks to hunters, including some that give status effects that last until the end of the quest and others that you can keep in your inventory for later use during the quest.

  • Spiribirds: These small species of bird can increase your health, stamina, attack, or defense until the end of the quest.

  • Stinkmink: These weasel-like creatures release a smoke-like pheromone that attract nearby large monsters. You can use it to lure one large monster towards another, causing a turf war!

  • Flashfly: These swarms of winged insects emit a bright light when struck, which can cause a large monster to flinch.

  • Escuregot: A large snail with a green shell that helps you prevail! These little critters release a green mist that can be used by hunters to heal.

Helpful items

While you’ll want to always have the dynamic duo on hand (potions and cooked meat), there are several other items that you may want to consider taking on your hunt.

  • Traps: Pitfall Traps and Shock Traps are devices that can be used to hunt larger monsters. After placing your trap, you can try to lure monsters into the snare by either using meat (Drugged Meat, Poisoned Meat, or Tinged Meat) or yourself as bait! Once a monster falls into a trap, you can attack them or use Tranq Bombs to put them to sleep and capture them.

  • Bombs: Traps and bombs go together like meat and a firepit. There are several types of bombs—both large and small—like Barrel Bombs, Bounce Bombs, Tranq Bombs, and Flash Bombs. Things like Barrel Bombs can be used after a monster falls into a trap to do more damage, while Tranq Bombs can put a monster to sleep to complete a quest or allow you time to heal up.

  • Dung Bombs: Dung Bombs may sound gross, but that’s kind of the point! You can use them to repel monsters when needed. For example, if you’re fighting a Rathian and a Diablos wander into the fight, you may decide it’s best to take on one monster at a time. Try to use a Dung Bomb to repel the Diablos. Hopefully, he’ll be just as upset about the smell as you are and trot off to a different area.

We hope these tips help you to become the best hunter you can be!