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How to be suspicious in Among Us

(No, you didn’t misread that headline.)

Since Among Us is all about dual identities, we asked the developers at InnerSloth–the crew behind the betrayal-heavy game–for pointers on how everyone can be more sus. Here are some questionable tips, straight from the creators of the game!

Tired of how much people trust you? Do you play through Among Us in pain because every single game, people never think you’re the impostor? Are you just too good of a crewmate? Well that all can change now if you follow these handy tips on how to be the most suspicious person in the meeting!

1. Always stand on vents

Did you just hop out of a vent? Are you just innocently doing a task nearby? Did you just happen to wander over top the vent? Or are you going to betray us all in cold blood? Who knows! I certainly don’t. Haha. No seriously. Why are you standing so close to that vent?

2. Ask why you have no tasks

Not having tasks is a clear sign that you’ve quickly finished everything that was required of you, as a crewmate. Or maybe it’s because you’re the impostor and can only sabotage things. Either way, trusting you will be difficult in these circumstances!

3. Stay silent, just follow someone constantly

Shh. Don’t talk. Don’t defend yourself. Don’t accuse anyone. Just stay close to a crewmate and follow them wherever they go, whenever they do their tasks. Too many misunderstandings come from communication, right? Maybe it’s best to just stay quiet, and close. Really close.

4. Explain everything you did in detail, in a really panicked voice

Not the silent type? That’s fine! An even better strategy might be to talk too much, and with a lot of emotion. The faster and more anxious you sound, the better. Jump in and interrupt with your alibi at any point you can. Being defensive is a sure sign that nothing is hidden underneath the surface… right?

5. If you find a body, stand next to it until someone sees you and helps you report it

Who knows where the body came from! What if the killer comes back? You’re just looking over the body until someone more qualified can help and call a meeting. Or so you say.

Easy, right? With this knowledge, you’ll be sure to have a lot of uneasy crewmates during those emergency meetings. Hope you’re prepared to be ejected into space!