Nintendo Switch

Experience a blast from the past with the Blizzard Arcade Collection!

Relive the legacy of three classic console games with the Blizzard® Arcade Collection. Released as part of Blizzard’s 30th Anniversary celebration, this collection includes The Lost Vikings®, Rock N Roll Racing®, and Blackthorne®—reproduced and recharged for the Nintendo Switch™ system.

The collection includes three versions of each game: two original console releases from the 1990s plus a brand-new Definitive Edition which features additional upgrades and enhancements. It also includes a digital museum full of historical artifacts and new behind-the-scenes bonuses like concept art, soundtracks, dev interviews, and more! Here’s a quick rundown of the games:

The Lost Vikings

Three vibrant Vikings—Erik the Swift, Baleog the Fierce, and Olaf the Stout—have been abducted by the alien tyrant Tomator. Help these momentarily misplaced marauders slash, smash, and solve their way through challenging puzzles to escape the mysterious spaceship and get back home safely.

Rock N Roll Racing

Put your driving skills to the test in the raddest race in the universe. Shred your way across hundreds of galactic tracks, then tune up your ride with all the mines, missiles, and jump jets you need to crush the competition and get space rich. Yep, space rich (it’s like being rich…but in space).


Step into the boots of Kyle “Blackthorne” Vlaros—mercenary, long-lost Prince of the planet Tuul, and one mean mullet-rocking machine. With brute strength, animal cunning, and a trusty shotgun, fight your way through terrifying monsters and goblin hordes to defeat the evil Sarlac and free the Androthi people.