Nintendo Switch

Discover some games with captivating stories and emotional plots.

Video games have a tremendous capacity to tell unique stories and provide thought-provoking experiences. Here’s a small selection of story-driven games that have come out in 2021 for the Nintendo Switch™ system. Each of these games have unique plotlines and engrossing ways to tell their tales.

Please note that many of these games deal with heavy subject matter. Please refer to your country’s rating board (such as esrb.org) for more information about game content.

Summer 1996. It’s time to hit the road and take a perilous journey to escape an authoritarian regime. On this procedurally generated road trip, discover exciting places, meet unusual people, and learn how each story intersects as your adventure unfolds. But with every mile comes another choice to make.

A gothic suspense tale set in a cursed mansion. The House in Fata Morgana is a haunting, full-length visual novel spanning nearly a millennium. This version includes three games and more: the main storyline, a prequel, a sequel that features the central cast in the present day, and additional short stories.

In July 1935, a murder has been committed aboard the SS Hook…and your character, West End starlet Veronica Villensey, did it! Thus, starts a detective game where you’re trying to get away with murder. You’ll need all your cunning, coercion and charisma to ensure that someone else takes the fall.

Set inside the pages of the young Izzy’s diary, explore a fantasy land where words hold immense powers. Navigate the 2D world by walking on written words and use them to solve a variety of puzzles. Alter the environment to create a safe passage for the protagonist and help Izzy through her emotional journey.

Join the ranks of the Unavowed, an ancient society dedicated to stopping evil (the supernatural kind, in particular). With gameplay that modernizes classic point-and-click adventure games, you’ll unravel a branching storyline of redemption in modern-day New York City.

In this narrative card game, your deck is your character, reflecting your experiences and shaping your relationships. Forge new friendships, rivalries, and connections through card game conversations. The consequences of each interaction shape your deck and every event that follows.

Investigate a tragic incident surrounding a wealthy Japanese family in the suspenseful Famicom Detective Club™: The Missing Heir game, and find the secret behind a grisly rumor haunting a Japanese high school in the Famicom Detective Club: The Girl Who Stands Behind game.

As a crewmember of a drifting spaceship, you’ll have to face off against a mysterious and deadly threat known as the “Gnosia.” The Gnosia pretends to be human in order to eliminate one victim at a time. Talk to characters, try to identify the Gnosia among the group, and rid the ship of the intruder(s).

Sumire is an indie narrative adventure, featuring a one-day journey through a picturesque Japanese village. In this enchanted place, a disenchanted girl named Sumire meets a mischievous spirit who makes a deal to fulfill her most desired wish. Can Sumire see her wish come true?

In a back-alley cafe, the dead are granted one last night to mingle with the living. In this cinematic visual novel, follow a dynamic cast of characters as they navigate Melbourne's hipster-y coffee culture, the questionable ethics of necromancy, and the process of letting go.

Don’t let the look of this game fool you – it is a psychological horror story full of surprises (but saying any more would be a spoiler). Write poems for your crush and experience the terror of school romance. Doki Doki Literature Club Plus includes six new side stories, totaling hours of new content.

Pat the Alligator, a (mostly) harmless and (probably) innocent reptile is at the center of a conspiracy that could bring down the biggest, scariest family in Alligator New York City: his own! Explore the city, meet the Family, and try to save Pat before the clock runs out.