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Check out what’s new in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise!

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4: Paradise introduces a unique and mysterious substance known as “Chrome” to the Island. Chrome will consume all, Chrome will be all. Embrace the Chrome by Chrome-ifying your weapons, your friends, and even yourself.

Chrome offensive

Utilize the new Chrome Splash to penetrate enemy defenses. Using the Chrome to your advantage opens up new offensive gameplay opportunities — a wall made of any building material (wood, stone, brick, or metal) can be impacted by the Chrome Splash, so use this to your advantage!

Be your best self with Chrome

Chrome-ify yourself with the Chrome Splash to become immune to fire damage (for a limited time of course). Sprinting while Chrome-ified will even turn you into a Blob for some added momentum. As a Blob, you can dash into any building piece to turn it into Chrome, allowing you to phase right through it. As a bonus, you’ll be immune to fall damage in Blob form.

Ascend the tower

Aside from consuming points of interest, Chrome has formed a brand new one! Climb to the top of Herald’s Sanctum to be a witness of Chrome’s power.

Look to the skies

You’ll find that some locations aren’t as embracing of the Chrome as others. Because of this, some locations are attempting to escape Chrome by fleeing to the air. Condo Canyon, now known as Cloudy Condos, is one of these locations — an expanding point of interest that’s accessible by use of a D-Launcher and other means.

Some things are better with age

Need to evolve your power? Grab a Chrome weapon! The EvoChrome Shotgun and EvoChrome Burst Rifle are available from Chrome Chests. The more you damage your opponents with these weapons, the stronger they become. See if you can take one from Uncommon to Mythic!

“Before the Chrome Era” weapons

Pick up some unvaulted weapons and returning Vibin’ weapons to relive yesteryear during the Chrome Era. The Hunter Bolt-Action Sniper, Rapid Fire SMG, Ranger Assault Rifle, and many more are available now during Chapter 3 Season 4.

Unlock Vaults

There’s more than one way to gear up while on the Island. Spend some time looting and you may find Keys — use them to open Vaults containing loot! There are two types of Vaults, each one housing loot for you to grab. Low-Security Vaults require one Key to open, while High-Security Vaults require two. Two Keys might be harder to find, but the extra loot is worth the time!

Introducing the Port-A-Bunker

Under assault from enemies? Deploy potent cover fast with the Port-A-Bunker, the Port-A-Fort’s pint-sized replacement. Throw down the Port-A-Bunker to create an instant 1x1 structure featuring reinforced metal walls, a versatile ramp, doors, and defensive tires to bounce away would-be-invaders — no building required!

What’s new in the Chapter 3 Season 4 Battle Pass

Assemble an eclectic crew in your enjoyment of paradise. With this Season’s Battle Pass purchase, you’ll immediately unlock one of The Seven: Paradigm (Reality 659).

Progress through the Battle Pass to unlock Gwen Stacy a.k.a Spider-Gwen plus other characters, including the chill cat Meow Skulls, TV show escapee Lennox Rose, ferocious facade Grriz, and more.

For those devoted to the Chrome, don’t worry: The Herald becomes available to unlock later in the Season!