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TOUHOU Spell Bubble + Side Story Pack Cirno Arc

TOUHOU Spell Bubble

Get "TOUHOU Spell Bubble" and "Side Story Pack Cirno Arc" DLC at special price until 13th Jan!

▼TOUHOU Spell Bubble

■Puzzle action with a new, rythmic beat!
A simple to control puzzle game with an added layer of rhythm-action combine to produce a whole new puzzle experience played to a catchy beat!

■Play with Touhou Project characters!
Make use of all 20 characters from Touhou Project, including Reimu and Marisa, and a total of 60 different spell cards to aim for victory!

■Story mode!
The game also includes a story mode that you can play by yourself. Travel through the world of Gensoukyo and enjoy an original story, only available here!

■Challenge mode!
You will fight against strong enemies with designated characters and spells in the challenge mode.
There are also stages with higher difficulty level. Let's challenge it!"

■A collection of 48 arranged tracks from Touhou Project!
A total of 48 tracks including, of course, many fan favourites along with 12 exclusive, new tracks only available in Spell Bubble!

▼Side Story Pack Cirno Arc

The first Side Story is "Side Story Pack Cirno Arc".
"Team Scarlet Devil Mansion Trial Cirno’s Flight Arc" reveals just how Cirno became a professional Spell Bubbler!

Cirno overcomes the trials laid down by Remilia,but can she become a professional Spell Bubbler?!
All will be revealed in this Side Story!

This pack includes the following content.

・Sakkyun Light / Sekkenya
・Hiiro Gekka, Kyousyou no Zetsu -2017- / EastNewSound
・Vampire † Kiss / void(IOSYS)

The side story is broken up into 5 stages where you can battle against different oppnonents.
There’s also Lunatic mode for those who have confidence in their skills!
・Stage 1 Aya Shameimaru (Wind God Girl)
・Stage 2 Sakura Izayoi (Sakkyun Light)
・Stage 3 Patchouli・Knowledge (IMAGINA)
・Stage 4 Flandre (Hiiro Gekka, Kyousyou no Zetsu -2017-)
・Stage 5 Remilia・Scarlet (Vampire † Kiss)

TOUHOU Spell Bubble + Side Story Pack Cirno Arc

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Release date

January 1, 2021


ESRB rating

Supported play modes

TV mode, Tabletop mode, Handheld mode