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Bit Orchard: Animal Valley Deluxe Edition

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Bit Orchard: Animal Valley

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley Deluxe Edition

Alongside the base game our bundle provides you with the Deluxe Theme Pack. The DLC includes nice gifts: 10 seeds and 100 coins, you can also change the colors of your world.

Upgrade your orchard

Sell your apples to earn money and improve your orchard. Expand your land and find new secrets. Who knows, maybe you'll make new friends along the way...

Retro graphics

Enjoy a trip down memory lane, with stylized 2D graphics. If you love pixel art games, you shouldn't hesitate to try out this charming game.

Chiptune music

You’ll hear a few catchy tunes to improve on your adventure. You can swap between tracks, whenever you go back into your room, for some much needed rest.

Key Features:

- Simple controls
- No invisible walls (only visible ones)
- Great replay value
- A pet rabbit
- Stylized 2D graphics
- Incredible music track

Bit Orchard: Animal Valley Deluxe Edition

ESRB rating

Release date

May 13, 2022


ESRB rating