Club Nintendo
Club Nintendo is Nintendo's way of thanking you for sharing your opinions. Here's how it works. First, you register your products. Then, earn Coins by answering surveys about the products you registered. Finally, redeem your Coins for exclusive rewards only available to Club Nintendo members! Club Nintendo members can also enter sweepstakes and sign up for email newsletters.

Game Guide
Get the latest news, screenshots, movies, strategy and more on today's hot games, or search our huge database on hundreds of classics. Our powerful search engine features zero in on just the nuggets you want.

Just the facts, man! You won't find rumor or speculation here in Nintendo's News area. We only provide confirmed, official news straight from the source. If you're looking for wild conjecture about games that will never come out, check the fan sites. If you want to confirm the truth, start here.

This area of our website is tailored to address the special concerns of parents. Topics include selecting the right game for your family, details about our privacy policy, and after-sale support for our products.

Customer Service
Are you having problems hooking up your system? Is your system no longer working as it should? The Customer Service area helps you get your system back in operating condition. We also have an extensive list of frequently asked questions that can help you find answers to other questions you may have.

Nintendo's Corporate Information area is your source for the latest news and information about the Nintendo company. Here, you'll find frequently updated press items, our annual report, job postings, and more.

Nintendo is a multinational company. Nintendo's subsidiaries and distributors maintain websites in countries from Argentina to Sweden. If you are inquiring about a product purchased in another country, or are curious about how Nintendo products are marketed around the world, the Global section is the place to look.

Nintendo's online store is your ultimate destination if you wish to find replacement parts, purchase back issues or Player's Guides, or subscribe to Nintendo Power. We have an extensive catalog for you to browse, with convenient shopping cart and sort features to make your purchases as easy and simple as possible.

Want to email our staff? Don't know our address or phone number? The Contact area of the site provides a list of addresses, email contacts, and phone numbers to assist you in getting the help you need.

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