Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection Technical Support - Wii

Welcome to the technical support home page for Wii online gaming through the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. Here you will find information on connecting to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, common troubleshooting issues, frequently asked questions, and much more.

What sort of information do you need?

  • Getting Started
    If you need assistance with a first-time connection to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, our Getting Started tool will show you what you need, and walk you through the process step-by-step.
  • Playing with friends (Friend Codes)
    Information on working with Friend Codes to connect with your friends.
  • Connection Support
    If you have tried to set up a connection, but have been unable to do so, or are experiencing problems with an existing connection, this problem solving information will have you covered.
  • Router Information
    Need assistance purchasing a wireless router, or need help accessing your wireless router's settings? We have detailed information on dozens of name-brand routers.
  • Error Codes
    Getting a five-digit error code when connecting online or trying to play with others? Lookup your error code here for specific troubleshooting.
  • Nintendo WFC Glossary
    Don't know what 802.11g/b is, or what WEP keys are? No need to worry, our glossary has definitions for many of the terms related to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection and wireless networking.