Error Code: 52230

Unable to connect to your wireless network

Likely cause: Your router or Internet Service Provider is having difficulty assigning a DNS or IP address to the Wii.

How to fix: Manually assign an IP address and DNS to the Wii. [How to]

Other suggestions:

  • Did this connection used to work but has suddently stopped? "Power cycle" your router by unplugging it from the power outlet. Wait a few minutes, and plug the router back in. Wait a couple of minutes for it to initialize, and try to connect the Wii console online and test for proper response.
  • Check for wireless interference, which can affect the signal strength to the Wii console. [How to]

Still stuck? We can help! We have an easy-to-follow guide that will walk you through the process of finding creating a new connection file and starting from scratch. Even if you're sure you've entered the correct security key, we suggest following our guide to create a new connection file and start over. If at the end you still need help, you'll find contact information to reach our specially-trained representatives. 



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