Error Code: 52130


  • The Wii console failed an Internet connection test.
  • Error message, "Unable to connect to the Internet."


  • This error indicates the console obtained, or was manually assigned, a network IP address, but it was unable to connect to the Internet.
  • This may occur if the DNS used returned an error, or if the wireless router used is not connected to the Internet.

What to Do:

  1. Update the primary DNS within the Wii console's Internet settings to, and test the connection again. [How to]
  2. Test another wireless device that is connected to the same wireless router (e.g. PC, laptop, tablet, etc.), and ensure it is able to connect online.
    • If testing with a device such as a smart-phone or tablet, ensure the device has its Wi-Fi feature enabled and that it is connected to the wireless router. For this test, the device should not be connected online using a mobile provider's service.
    • If other devices cannot connect online using your wireless router, power cycle your home network, and then test the other devices again. [How to]
    • If other devices are still unable to connect, this may indicate an issue with your Internet service or an issue related to the setup of your home network. Please contact your ISP or network administrator for further assistance.
  3. If the issue persists, create a new Internet connection on the Wii console. [How to]
  4. Update the DNS settings again, using as the primary DNS, and then test the Internet connection again. [How to]
  5. Manually enter an IP address, subnet mask, and default router IP address into the Wii Internet settings. [How to]
  6. Power cycle the home network, and then test the Wii Internet connection again. [How to]

Situation Not Resolved:

The prior steps resolve most issues that result in this error code; however if you are still unable to connect and would like additional troubleshooting, click here.

Alternatively, if you would like to work with a member of our support team, please contact us at