Error Code: 51099

Unable to use your wireless signal


Likely cause: It appears that the settings entered into the Nintendo 3DS are not compatible, or the router's broadcast settings should be changed.

How to fix: Try creating a new connection with your system. As this error code indicates a problem while connecting with a Nintendo DS game, it's important to make sure you've created a separate connection file under "Nintendo DS Connections."


  1. Create a new connection: This error can occur if a setting (like your network's name) has changed since you last connected. If it's been awhile since you connected, or if this is your first time connecting, creating a new connection file will often resolve this error code. Click here and we'll walk you through the connection step-by-step.



  3. Other suggestions:

    • Make sure your router is set to broadcast in "b" or "mixed" mode. If your wireless router is transmitting in "N" only mode, you will need to switch it to "b/g" or "mixed" mode. For help accessing your router's settings, click here and select your router brand and model (if available). Most routers will have this setting in the "broadcast settings" menu.

    • Check for wireless interference, which can affect the signal strength to the Nintendo 3DS. To help minimize wireless interference, try the following:

      • Make sure that the Nintendo 3DS is within 30 feet of the wireless access point and facing in its general direction.
      • Make sure that any other interfering devices, such as microwaves and cordless phones, are turned off.


Still stuck? We can help! We have found that simply erasing the old connection file and creating a new connection to your router may help. Click here for a step-by-step guide. If at the end you still need help, you'll find contact information to reach our specially-trained representatives.


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