Error Code: 204910


  • An error code is displayed when attempting to download an item from the Wii Shop Channel.
  • Error message, "Error occurred when connecting to the Internet."


  • This error code may occur when the Internet connection has timed out.
  • This is often found to be the result of a slow Internet service or a poor wireless network environment.

What to Do:

  1. Power cycle your router and modem. [How to]
  2. Check for slow download speeds to see if this is causing your download to time-out. [How to]
  3. Create a new Internet connection from within the System Settings. [How to]
  4. Enter an alternate DNS into the console's Internet connection settings. [How to]
  5. Change the wireless channel your router is broadcasting on. [How to]
  6. Attempt more extensive wireless interference troubleshooting. [How to]

Situation Not Resolved:

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