Virtual Boy Setup

Assemble the Virtual Boy:

  1. Open the two legs of the stand until they click into place.
  2. Place the stand on a flat horizontal surface such as a table. The ends of the stand should be pointing away from you and the clamp release button should be facing toward you.
  3. Attach the Virtual Boy to the stand. Insert the mount on the bottom of the Virtual Boy into the back of the clamp. Rotate the Virtual Boy down and into the clamp until you hear a click.
  4. Attach the battery box to the back of the controller. Align the grooves on both sides of the battery box with the guides on the bottom of the controller as shown. Slide the battery box all the way down.
  5. Install the batteries according to the diagram on the battery box.
  6. Connect the controller into the bottom of the Virtual Boy. Insert it firmly into the bottom of the Virtual Boy, while holding the Virtual Boy with one hand.
  7. Remove the game pak cover and store it on the two posts on top of the Virtual Boy.
  8. Load the game pak into the bottom, back of the Virtual Boy, with the label side facing up.

After the Virtual Boy is Assembled:

For each person who uses the Virtual Boy, use the following setup and adjustment instructions:

  1. Press your face into the eyeshade and adjust the angle of the Virtual Boy by loosening (counter clockwise) the knob on the top, right side of the stand. When you find a comfortable position, tighten (clockwise) the knob to hold the Virtual Boy in place.

    If the Virtual Boy seems too low or too high, you should adjust your position or the surface the Virtual Boy is resting on.

  2. Follow instructions on setting IPD and Focus before each player begins game play.