Specific Game Issues


Some Nintendo GameCube games may experience brief load times between the insertion of the disc and start of actual game play. This is normal. If the game plays properly, with small pauses between levels, this is also normal. If the game stutters or pauses during actual game play, check the Game Disc for scratches or contamination.

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Slave-1 Stuck Behind a Tower:
In the "Endurance" mission, when using the Slave-1 ship, the ship starts behind a tower and is destroyed each time you begin. To avoid this, hold Down on the Control Stick and press the A Button to fly over the tower.

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The characters are speaking Japanese!
The characters are speaking gibberish. This was done for comedic effect and is not a quirk. All of the subtitles are in english to explain what the characters are trying to say.

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Frame Rate Problems
When players get close to the end zone, sometimes the frame rate drops significantly. This is completely normal. This was a programming issue and there is nothing wrong with your system.

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Fox falls out of the environment.
If Fox falls through the environment, you can try two different things to fix the problem. If one doesn't work, the other will.
  1. Start the saved game
  2. Run forwards out into the dockyard area
  3. Turn and go into the room with the barrel robot and the ladder
  4. Proceed up the ladder and out through the doorway
  5. Jump down from the ledge and run off the end of the dock
  6. When the player reappears, the problem will no longer occur
Return to the Arwing, fly it into orbit, and save there. Turn the system off and start again from the saved file.

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Items are lost and/or character's face is gone
This can happen if you (a) turn off the power while riding the train or (b) a travel file is created to visit another town and you try to return to your village without visiting the other town.

To restore your character's face, save your village and re-enter the game.

It may be possible to restore the items by completing a trip to another village with the original travel file. After you have visited, return to your town and you should have your items back. If this doesn't work, but your game is otherwise working normally, it does not need repair. You will need to re-earn the items you have lost.

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