Connecting Over a LAN

With specially-designed Nintendo GameCube games, the Nintendo GameCube Broadband Adapter can be used to create a LAN (Local Area Network) connection. By using a LAN to connect multiple Nintendo GameCubes together, you can enjoy multiplayer gaming without having to share a TV screen with your opponent.

You do not need an internet connection, as the games are not played online. Please note that currently there are three games that use this feature: Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, Kirby's Air Ride, and 1080: Avalanche. Please use the links below for more detailed information.

What do you need assistance with?

Setup   This section covers the entire setup process: items you'll need to create a LAN; how to install the Nintendo GameCube Broadband Adapters; and how to connect your systems together.
Help Starting a LAN Game   Each game has its own steps for beginning a multiplayer LAN game. This section will walk you through them, step-by-step.
Troubleshooting   This section will help you troubleshoot your connection if you experience any problems or difficulties playing over a LAN.
Frequently Asked Questions   Still can't find the answer to what you need? Try the FAQs for additional help.