Nintendo GameCube RF to VCR Hookup

Installation Steps:
  1. Locate the VCR's VHF IN [ANT, CATV, 75W(ohm)] or Cable Connector.
  2. Remove existing cable wire from VCR's VHF IN.
  3. Connect the Short Thick Wire of the RF Switch (labeled TV) to the VHF IN.
  4. Connect existing cable wire [previously removed] to the silver post (labeled ANT) [Cable Connector] on RF switch.
  5. Plug the RF Modulator into the Analog AV Out port on the back of the GCN.
  6. Connect Thin Wire of the RF Switch (labeled Control Deck) to the RF Modulator (labeled RF Out).
  7. Set 3/4 switch of the RF Modulator to match the 3/4 channel of the VCR.
  8. Ensure that your VCR is connected to your television via a coaxial (cable) connector from the ANT (RF) OUT on the VCR to the ANT IN on the television.

After system is connected to the VCR:

  1. Make sure the system is on a hard flat surface. Allow plenty of space around the unit for ventilation. Make sure the power button is in the OFF position (button is not pressed-in).
  2. Plug the AC Adapter into the back of the system into the DC 12V In port (fits only one way). Plug the other end into a wall outlet.
  3. Hook up the controller(s), starting from the far-left port on the front of the GCN.
  4. Press the Open button to open the Disc Cover. Insert a Game Disc, printed side up, into the compartment and on the center hub. Press down gently on the Game Disc until it locks on the center hub.
  5. Close the Disc Cover.
  6. Turn on the TV and VCR, and set the TV to the appropriate channel to view a movie.
  7. Put a movie in the VCR, press play, then press stop.
  8. Press the Power button on the Nintendo GameCube and check that the power light comes on. The Nintendo GameCube logo should appear on the screen, followed by the main menu.
Recording Games
  1. Set up system to play games.
  2. Insert a videotape.
  3. Change the channel on front of VCR to match RF Modulator switch.
  4. Set VCR's TV/VCR switch to VCR, game image should remain on TV.
  5. Press Record.