Please note: on newer models of the Nintendo GameCube, the necessary port for connecting the Component Video Cable was removed. For more information on this, including what to do if you wish to play your games in progressive scan, please click here.

Important Note: The Component Video Cables will not connect to a standard TV. Your TV must have component video inputs in order to use the Component Video cable.

    Connecting the Cables, AC Adapter, and Controllers:

  1. Locate the audio/video INPUT jacks AND the component INPUT jacks on the TV.
  2. Connect the Component Video Cable to the Component Video inputs as follows:

    • Insert the Green plug in the green hole labeled Y on the back of the TV.
    • Insert the Blue plug in the blue hole labeled Pb or Cb on the back of the TV.
    • Insert the Red plug in the red hole labeled Pr or Cr on the back of the TV.

  3. Connect the Stereo AV Cable Cable to the Audio inputs associated to the Component inputs:

    • Insert the Red (Audio Right) plug into Audio IN Right.
    • Insert the White (Audio Left) plug into Audio IN Left.
    • Let the Yellow (Video) plug hang. Do not insert it in the Video In input.

  4. Connect the rectangular (black) plug of the Component Video Cable into the Digital AV Out port on the back of the Control Deck
  5. Connect the rectangular (gray) plug of the Stereo AV Cable Cable into the Analog AV Out port on the back of the Control Deck.
  6. Make sure the system is on a hard flat surface. Allow plenty of space around the unit for ventilation. Make sure the power button is in the OFF position (button is not pressed-in).
  7. Plug the AC Adapter into the back of the system into the DC 12V In port (fits only one way). Plug the other end into a wall outlet.
  8. Hook up the controller(s), starting from the far-left port on the front of the Nintendo GameCube.
  9. Press the Open button to open the disc cover. Insert a Game Disc, printed side up, into the compartment and on the center hub. Press down gently on the Game Disc until it locks on the center hub.
  10. Press the Power button on the Nintendo GameCube and check that the power light comes on.
  11. Finding the Correct Input on Your TV:

  12. Turn on the TV and set it to the appropriate input select. The Nintendo GameCube logo should appear on the screen, followed by the game's main menu.

    If after following these directions completely you are not able to view the game, try our Troubleshooting Tips.

Displaying a Game in Progressive Scan Mode:
In order to display a game in progressive scan mode, the Nintendo GameCube game being played must be programmed for progressive scan and your TV has to have the ability to display this signal in progressive scan mode (click here for more information).

    To display a game in progressive scan mode:

  1. Turn the system off.
  2. With the system turned off, hold down the B Button on the Controller and power on the system.
  3. When the message "Would you like to display in progressive scan mode? Yes / No" appears, highlight "Yes" and press the A Button.

    If the image appears scrambled when the game is set to progressive scan mode, your television may not be progressive scan compatible. Please consult your TV's owner's manual, or contact the manufacturer to find out if your television is able to display a progressive scan signal. If you have determined that your television can display a progressive scan signal, you may want to try our troubleshooting help by clicking here.

Note about accessing progressive scan: Almost all games that support this feature can be placed into progressive scan mode by holding down the B Button while powering on the system. A few games, however, require you to access this feature through the Options menu of the game. If you are not sure how to access the progressive scan signal, please consult the game manual of the particular disc you are trying to use.

Note about using progressive scan in the future: Once you have accessed progressive scan mode once, the next time you attempt to play a Nintendo GameCube game that is progressive scan-compatible, the system will remember this setting and will default to progressive scan for each game you play in the future that is progressive scan compatible.