Game Boy Player - Playing Single Player


Before you begin:

  • Remove any Nintendo GameCube discs.
  • Attach the Game Boy Player.
  • The information below is for use with a Nintendo GameCube Controller. If you wish to use a Game Boy Advance system as a controller, please click here.

To play using a Nintendo GameCube Controller:

  1. Open the disc cover of the Nintendo GameCube and insert the Game Boy Player Start-up Disc. Press it firmly into place and close the disc cover.

  3. With the label side facing down, insert the Game Boy game into the Game Boy Player and press it firmly into place (you should hear it 'click' into place).

  5. Plug a Nintendo GameCube Controller or Wavebird Wireless Controller receiver into the first controller port.

  7. Press the Power button on the Nintendo GameCube. The title screen of the Game Boy game you have inserted into the Game Boy Player will come up after the Nintendo GameCube logo appears.