Game Boy Player - Playing Multiplayer Games with Game Boy Advance Systems


Before you begin:

  • Remove any Nintendo GameCube games.
  • Attach the Game Boy Player.
  • Determine which Link Cable you will need for the Game Boy systems you are about to use.
  • Do not attempt to connect multiple Game Boy Players together.
  • If you are trying to play multiplayer games with the Game Boy Advance Wireless Adapter, click here.

Important Note: To play multiplayer games with your Game Boy Player, you will need to connect it to additional Game Boy systems, using the appopriate link cables. You cannot play multiplayer games simply by connecting multiple Controllers to the Nintendo GameCube. A good reference to use for this concept is to consider the Game boy Player as simply another Game Boy system.

To play multiplayer games:

  1. Open the disc cover of the Nintendo GameCube and insert the Game Boy Player Start-up Disc. Press it firmly into place and close the disc cover.

  3. With the label side facing down, insert the Game Boy game into the Game Boy Player and press it firmly into place (you should hear it 'click' into place.)

  5. Plug a Nintendo GameCube Controller or Wavebird Wireless Controller receiver into the first controller port.

  7. Attach one end of the link cable to the "EXT" port on the front of the Game Boy Player. Attach the other end to another Game Boy system. Attach additional link cables as required.
  8. Note: whichever system has the smaller, purple plug inserted into it will be Player 1. It does not have to be the Game Boy Player.

  9. Depending upon the title and its features, put additional copies of the game into all linked Game Boy systems. Some Game Boy Advance games only require the use of one game pak. Please consult the manual for that particular game to determine how many copies are required for multiplayer use.

  11. Press the Power button on the Nintendo GameCube. The title screen of the Game Boy game you have inserted into the Game Boy Player will come up after the Nintendo GameCube logo appears.

The picture above is an example of how to connect the Game Boy Player to three other Game Boy Advance systems.