Game Boy Player - Using the Menu Screen

To Access the Game Boy Player Menu Screen:

  • While using a Nintendo GameCube Controller: at any time while playing a Game Boy game through your Game Boy Player, press the Z Button on the Nintendo GameCube Controller to access the menu.
  • If you are using a Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP as a controller, you will still need to insert a Nintendo GameCube Controller into any Controller slot, and press the Z Button to access the Game Boy Player Menu Screen.

Please Note: Accessing the Game Boy Player Menu Screen does NOT pause game play. If you are in the middle of playing a game, be sure to pause the game by pressing START. This will prevent your character from taking damage while you are using the Game Boy Player Menu.

How to use the Menu Options:

  1. Once you have pressed the Z Button on a Nintendo GameCube Controller, the Game Boy Player Menu Screen will appear. For a complete break down on what each menu option does, please scroll down.
  2. Using the Nintendo GameCube Controller, press the Control Stick Left or Right to highlight an option (the highlighted icon will appear larger than the others and will be replaced with text).

  4. When the option you wish to adjust is highlighted, press Up or Down on the Control Stick to adjust the option.

  6. Once the options are set, press the Z Button to exit the menu and return to the game screen.

The Menu Screen Options:

Select from 20 different frame designs that border the game play area of the screen.
Select Normal or Full display screen size.
Select between two sets of button functions for the X, Y, L and R Buttons and the C Stick. See the diagram on the Game Boy Player Menu Screen when this icon is highlighted for more information.
Screen Filter
Select Soft, Normal or Sharp display quality. You may not notice much of a difference for some games.
You can set a timer to notify you with a sound and message on the TV screen. The timer can be canceled by pressing the B Button. (An alert will appear if the timer runs out, but otherwise the game will not be affected.)
Switch Game Pak
Select this option to switch game paks without having to turn the power off. You can also switch game paks by pressing and holding the Z Button and START on the Nintendo GameCube Controller.