Game Boy Player - Removing/Changing Game Paks
  • This is the method for removing games while playing. To remove a game when the unit is turned off, simply slide the eject lever forward to remove the Game Boy game.
  • If you attempt to remove a game pak while the unit is turned on and without using the game's menus, you will receive an error message. At that point, you must turn the system off to remove the game pak.
  • Please note: Game paks in the "Game Boy Advance Video" series cannot be played in a Game Boy Player. Please click here for more information.

To Change a Game Pak:
  1. If there isn't one plugged in already, plug a Nintendo GameCube controller into any available controller port and press the Z Button.

  3. From the Menu, select "Change Game Pak" and press the A Button.

  5. When the message appears, slide the eject lever on the Game Boy Player forward to remove the Game Boy game.
  6. Place another Game Boy game, label-side down, into the Game Boy Player and press the A Button to begin.