Nintendo GameCube Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is the Nintendo GameCube compatible with HDTVs?

    The main difference between HDTVs and standard TVs is the number of lines of resolution they use to display the TV image. While standard TVs display 480 lines, HDTVs are able to display 720 or 1080 lines or resolution if the HDTV is receiving a high definition signal. For non-high definition signals, the HDTV will display the TV image with the standard 480 lines.

    While the Nintendo GameCube will work with HDTVs, the Nintendo GameCube does not provide a high definition signal. As such, the game image will display in the standard 480 lines of resolution on an HDTV.

    One model of the Nintendo GameCube does have the ability to enhance the game image with the use of the Nintendo GameCube Component Video Cable. By using this cable, the Nintendo GameCube can provide both a component video signal and a progressive scan signal, if the Nintendo GameCube software supports progressive scan display. The majority of HDTVs have the component video inputs required to use the Component Video Cable and many HDTVs have progressive scan capabilities. Check your TV manual for information.

    Some HDTVs have features that can enhance the standard video signal. We recommend checking your owner's manual or contacting the TV manufacturer to see if your HDTV has these type of features.

    Important Notes:

    • On newer models of the Nintendo GameCube, the necessary port for connecting the Component Video Cable was removed. For more information on this, please click here.
    • These cables are no longer being sold through Nintendo's Online Store. For tips on locating discontinued accessories, please click here.
  • How does the Nintendo GameCube work with the Game Boy Advance?

    In specially-designed Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance games, the Game Boy Advance and the Game Boy Advance SP can be connected to the Nintendo GameCube with the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Link Cable. Doing so can allow the two systems to exchange data, enable cooperative two-player play, or provide other special functions.

    For example, players with a copy of Metroid Fusion for the Game Boy Advance can use the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Cable, and connect to Metroid Prime on the Nintendo GameCube. Doing so will unlock special features and bonuses.

    This feature is only available with specially-designed Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance games. The Nintendo GameCube and Game Boy Advance software packaging will indicate if this feature is available. Please note that the Game Boy Advance does not work with Nintendo GameCube unless the game developer has specifically integrated this feature into their game.

    For more information on connecting your systems with the Nintendo GameCube Game Boy Advance Link Cable, please link here.

    If you would like to play Game Boy games on your TV, you may be interested in the Game Boy Player. This device attaches to the bottom of your Nintendo GameCube and allows you to play almost any Game Boy game ever made, on your TV!

  • How do I set the system time and date?

    You need to set the time and date from the Nintendo GameCube Main Menu. To access the Main Menu, turn the power ON while holding down the A Button on the controller. Then, follow these steps to set the date and time:

    1. From the Main Menu Screen, go to the Calendar Screen by pushing RIGHT on the Control Stick.
    2. Press the A Button to display Calendar Menu choices of Date or Time.
    3. Use the Control Stick (UP or DOWN) to highlight your menu item and press the A Button to select your choice.
    4. Use the Control Stick (LEFT or RIGHT) to highlight the number you want to change, then (UP or DOWN) to adjust the value.
    5. Press the A Button to accept your choice.
    6. Press the B Button to return to the Calendar Menu or the Main Menu.

    7. Pressing the B Button before accepting your choice with the A Button will return you to the Calendar Menu without changing the settings.

    Please Note:The Nintendo GameCube uses a 24-hour clock -- also known as "military time" -- rather than a 12-hour clock (for example: 4:00 p.m. appears as 16:00). The clock does not automatically adjust for Daylight Savings Time.

    Do I have to buy a Memory Card?

    The Memory Card is an information storage device used to record information such as high scores, game progress, and more. This accessory is REQUIRED for nearly all Nintendo GameCube games that save game progress. You have the ability to save data from many different games on a single Memory Card; however, some games require more of the Memory Card's memory blocks than others.

    There are currently three licensed Memory Cards available: the Memory Card 59, the Memory Card 251, and the Memory Card 1019. The Memory Card 59 has 59 blocks available to store game data, the Memory Card 251 has 251 available blocks, and the Memory Card 1019 has 1019 available blocks. Games released after the launch of the system will note how many blocks are required on the packaging.

    When purchasing a Memory Card, make sure that you are buying only licensed products. Unlicensed products are not tested for compatibility and may not work correctly with all games.