Nintendo GameCube Disc Replacement

Please make sure you have reviewed our Game Disc troubleshooting before seeking replacement.

We can only offer assistance on titles made by Nintendo. For titles made by another company, you will need to contact that company to see if disc replacement options are available. Please use our Licensee Directory to find the company's contact information.

  • Game Disc is defective:
    If you feel your Game Disc is defective, and it is within the 90 day warranty period, please contact Nintendo's Consumer Service Department for assistance at 1-800-255-3700. They are open from 6am to 7pm Monday-Sunday, Pacific.

  • Game Disc is Damaged or Broken
    If your NINTENDO GAMECUBE Game Disc has severe scratches or is physically broken, you may be able to purchase a replacement disc from Nintendo. Scratched and broken disks are not covered under the standard 90 day manufacturer's warranty. Please call Nintendo's Consumer Service department at 1-800-255-3700 for assistance.