Nintendo 64 Frequently Asked Questions

N64 Game Pak Troubleshooting - Specific Games

Mickey's Speedway USA

  1. How do you start a multiplayer game?
    Every single mode in this game can be played with 1 to 4 Players. To start a Multiplayer match, each player needs to press START on their respective controllers while on the character select screen. At this point they can select a character. Once everyone has selected their character, you can enter any mode.

Perfect Dark
  • Can't progress to the next stage
    Using any Cheats will prevent progress in the game.

    Note: If cheats are used, then after a stage is completed, Mission Status will say "Cheated," and Agent Status will say "Dishonored."

  • Lockups in Combat Simulator
    • When using the "Perfect Darkness" cheat:
      If you are using the "Perfect Darkness" cheat, the Night Sight, and have multiple intelligent sims, the game may lock up. This happens occasionally, but will not occur if you are in the Solo, Co-Operative, and Counter-Operative modes of game play. The solution is to disable this cheat.

    • When using unlicensed accessories:
      As always, make sure you are using only licensed accessories. Unlicensed products are not tested and may not work with our games or systems.

  • Only Combat Simulator menu ("Small but Perfect Menu") available / No "Solo" mode
    This is normal if there's no Expansion Pak. The game defaults to the "Small But Perfect" menu. The "Solo" mode is only available with the Expansion Pak. The following modes are available without the Expansion Pak:
    • 1- or 2-player Combat Simulator games (Multiplayer games)
    • All 30 Challenges (Multiplayer mode)
    • In all Multiplayer games, up to eight Simulants can be assigned (eight is also the limit with the Exp. Pak)

Zelda: Ocarina of Time:

  1. Rumble Pak Does Not Rumble.
    The Rumble Pak won't work until you get 20 Gold Skulltula tokens and return to House of Skulltula to be given the Stone of Agony. The rumbling of the Rumble Pak will then help you find hidden areas in Zelda. For more Zelda information, check out

Doom 64

  1. This game is so dark! What can I do?
    You can increase the Brightness in Options by choosing Display. To access Options, press the START Button to pause the game. If the game is still dark, be sure to adjust the brightness on the TV itself or try a different TV set.

The New Tetris

  1. Corrupt graphics in the Greek stage
    The Greek backgrounds are the only stage with rain in the background. It is easy to mistake this for corrupt graphics, however this is a normal occurrence.

Donkey Kong 64

  1. How do I get Multiplayer, Kong Battle?
    There are two potential trouble spots that may cause confusion:

    • Can't open Kong Battle from the Main menu:
      The Kong Battle selection is opened when the first Crown is earned in the single-player game (Adventure).

    • Can't get other players to join in the multi-player game:
      The other players must press START on their own Controllers to enter the game while in the Character Select screen.

Diddy Kong Racing

  1. How do I stop the static in Diddy Kong Racing?
    To remove the static noise, try turning down the Music and SFX volume in the Options menu in the game. We've found that some TVs produce static sounds if these options are set too high on the game.

Cruis'n USA

  1. I can't race any other Courses other than the US 101 race. How do I race in the rest of the courses?
    First, make sure you have selected a file to save the game information on. Then, you must choose the Map Icon (it looks like a map of the 50 states) in the top center of the Choose Race screen called "Cruise the USA." As you complete a section of the track i.e. Appalachia) and place first in that mode, it will become available on the quot;Choose Race" screen.

Hey You, Pikachu!

  1. No response when speaking into the microphone.

    1. Make sure the VRU and Microphone are connected properly.
    2. Insert the game pak into the N64 and turn the system on.
    3. On the Title Screen, look for the Microphone Icon (small head) in the lower-right corner.
      Note: If it isn't there, Start a new game, and play through the First Day.
    4. Press and hold the Z Button to activate the microphone and say Pikachu. Release the the Z or L Button to send the bubble at Pikachu. Pikachu should run over and look at you.
    5. When you have Pikachu's attention, say "You're so cute." Pikachu should look embarrased.
    6. Say "Thunderbolt." Pikachu should perform the move but you will not see any lightning.
    7. If the above isn't working check out Tips on Talking.
    8. If these steps do not get Pikachu to respond at all, your system and/or VRU unit may need to be replaced. For more information on what options are available, please click here.
  • I didn't say anything but the game is responding on its own.
    There may be too much background noise. Try playing in a quieter area.

  • My screen is getting fuzzy or dark.
    When evening approaches the screen will dim like it's sunset. This is normal.

  • The game responds incorrectly to the words spoken.
    Check the following Tips On Talking.

  • Tips on Talking to Pikachu.

    • Press and hold the Z Button to talk to Pikachu.
    • Release the Z Button after talking.
    • Make sure you see the bubble form next to the head icon in the lower-right corner. If a bubble doesn't appear, try speaking louder. If it still doesn't appear, to go the troubleshooting steps.
    • If the bubble bursts before you're done talking, break up the sentence into smaller parts.
    • Get Pikachu's attention before talking to it.
    • Say words that Pikachu understands. These key words are shown in red in the game.
    • Say key words or phrases one at a time.
    • Check Pikachu's reaction. The symbols listed below appear above Pikachu's head in a thought bubble:
      • Exclamation Point
        Pikachu heard you and you have its attention.
      • Question Mark
        Pikachu is confused and didn't understand what you just said. Try again and speak slower.
      • Light Bulb
        Pikachu has an idea of what to do. Don't say anything to interrupt it until its done.
      • Flower
        Pikachu understands you and there's a good chance it will do what you ask. Don't say anything to interrupt it until its done.
      • Scribble
        Pikachu is frustrated or mad. This can happen when something goes wrong. Get its attention and say something nice like "You're so cute" to improve its mood.
    • Speak clearly and pronounce words correctly.
    • Play in a quiet area.