Game Boy micro - Power/Battery Charging Problems

Before Troubleshooting:

  • Make sure you are using only licensed accessories with your system. Unlicensed products are not fully compatible with Nintendo systems, and may not work correctly.
  • Check for signs of physical damage to the AC Adapter (split or exposed wires, broken plastic case, etc.) If you see damage,discontinue use immediately and replace the adapter. For information on where to purchase a Game Boy micro AC Adapter, click here.
  • Make sure that the wall outlet you are using in your home to charge the Game Boy micro is working properly. Plugging in another electrical device -- such as a lamp or an alarm clock -- is a quick way to check the outlet.

What type of Power/Battery Problem are you experiencing? Please click on one of the choices below.

If the problem is not power-related, and is happening with just one game, link here for help.