Screen Appears Broken or Cracked - Troubleshooting

    Please read before proceeding:
    Game Boy micro systems use removable faceplates that have a clear plastic window that lines up over the actual LCD screen of the system. If the LCD screen is intact, and it is only the plastic screen cover of the faceplate that is broken, your system does not need to be sent in for repair. The Game Boy micro comes with two extra faceplates that can be used (more info). Click here for tips on where you may be able to find additional Game Boy micro faceplates.

    If your Game Boy micro has lines running through the game image, click here.

    If runny colors or blotchy colors permanently remain on the screen, even when the Game Boy micro is OFF, then the liquid crystal display (LCD) is cracked. In this situation, repair or replacement is necessary. Please click here to find out what options are available for repair or replacement of your product.