Game Boy micro - Replacing the Rechargeable Battery

Please read before attempting to replace the battery:

  • Do not use an unlicensed battery.
  • Always perform a full charge before the first use with the new battery.
  • You will need a small philips head screwdriver -- sometimes called a jeweler's, micro, precision, or miniature. The best size tends to be #00. This is a very small screwdriver that can be purchased in most hardware stores.

How to Change the Battery:

  1. Remove all games, the AC Adapter, and turn the system off before attempting to remove the battery.

  3. Using a small philips head screwdriver -- sometimes called a jeweler's, micro, precision, or miniature (#00) -- unscrew the small philips head screw on the left side of the Game Boy micro. Once the screw is completely loose, remove the battery cover.

  4. Remove the battery pack from the battery compartment and carefully unplug the battery connector from the Game Boy micro. For assistance in disposing of Lithium Ion batteries, it is also a good idea contact a local solid waste disposal facility.

  5. Carefully plug the connector from the new battery into the socket. To fully insert the plug, it might be necessary to use a blunt-tipped object, such as one of the ends of the Faceplate Ejector Tool. Important note: Do not use any type of metal object to insert the plug as this may cause permanent damage to the system.

  6. Replace the battery pack, making sure to fold the loose wire into the small gap between the battery and the plug, then replace the battery cover.

  8. Replace the battery pack and battery cover, and use the screw you previously moved to secure the battery cover onto the Game Boy micro.

  10. After replacing the battery, the new battery must be charged for approximately 2 1/2 hours before the Game Boy micro can be used.