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Need a link cable or trying to find help for using your AC Adapter? To see the available information, use the list below to locate the accessory you have questions about.

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Game Boy micro -- AC Adapter

Easy to take on the road. Power up your battery and keep your game alive.

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Game Boy micro -- Battery Cover Kit

The Battery Cover covers the battery compartment on the back of your Game Boy micro. This kit comes with the cover, the screw and small clip which holds the screw to the cover.


Game Boy micro -- Game Link Cable

Get the hook up with other Game Boy micro systems.

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Game Boy micro -- Game Link Cable Adapter

Used with a Game Boy micro Game Link cable, you can hook up with the classic Game Boy Advance or Game Boy Advance SP.

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Game Boy micro -- Rechargeable Battery Pack

With the rechargeable battery pack it's easy to keep your Game Boy micro juiced.

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Game Boy micro -- Wireless Adapter

Team up or face off with another Game Boy micro or Game Boy Advance SP using this Wireless Adapter.

The Game Boy micro Wireless Adapter allows up to five people to play wireless compatible multiplayer games without the use of cables. This wireless adapter will only work with Game Boy micro systems and Game Boy Advance Game Paks that have been designed to use the wireless adapter.

Look for the icon on Game Paks that include the wireless adapter feature.

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