e-Reader - Scanning a Card

Which types of cards are you trying to trying to scan?

If you have tried scanning cards, but can't get them to work, use these scanning tips. If you receive an error message and don't know what it means, click here.

General e-Reader Scanning Steps
  1. Make sure the connection is correct.
  2. Make sure that there are no bright lights shining into the e-Reader. This includes using the e-Reader in direct sunlight.
  3. On the e-Reader title screen, press the A Button, then select "Scan Card" and press A again.
  4. After the "Scan Card" screen has appeared, hold the e-Reader card with the Dot Code side facing the Game Boy Advance and slowly pass the coded area through the e-Reader Card Slot.
  5. If the scan was successful, press the A Button to accept. If the scan was not successful, review the tips (See Below) for scanning.
  6. Repeat steps 3 & 4 to scan additional cards as needed.
  7. If the card includes an NES game, on the "Save?" screen, highlight "Yes" and press the A Button once to save the game to the e-Reader's internal memory. If there is an existing game already saved, choose "yes" to overwrite it.

If, after following these steps, you are having problems getting only one of your cards to scan successfully, you may need to replace the card. For card replacement information, contact Nintendo's consumer service department at 1-800-255-3700.

If you are unable to get any of the cards to scan successfully, the problem is likely the e-Reader. Please click here to find out what options are available for repair or replacement of your product.

Scanning Tips
  • Slowly swipe the card. You should take 1-2 seconds for each card
  • Cards may be swiped in either direction (left or right)
  • When swiping, the card must be fully inserted into the e-Reader so that the edge is flat against the bottom of the card slot
  • You may have to scan several cards to load the entire program. However, they do not need to be swiped in any particular order
  • Dot codes may appear along more than one edge of each card