e-Reader - Saving and Erasing

How to Save: (NES-e games only)

This process is used to save an NES game to the e-Reader's memory. If you have already saved an NES game and wish to load it from the e-Reader's memory, click here

    After all cards have been scanned successfully, a "Save?" option will appear. Highlight "Yes" and press the A Button once to save the game to the e-Reader's internal memory.

    Note: If there is an existing game, choose "yes" to overwrite it.

How to erase saved data:

This will erase any saved data from the e-Reader, including a saved NES game or Animal Crossing data file.

  1. Turn the Game Boy Advance, or Game Boy Advance SP, off.
  2. Hold the L and R Buttons and turn the system back on.
  3. On the "Data Manager" screen, highlight "Yes" and press the A Button to erase the saved data. If successful, the data will be erased and the e-Reader's main menu will appear.

If you receive an "e-Reader Memory Error" message, click here