Error Messages - e-Reader Connected to a Game Boy Advance or a Game Boy Advance SP

Please Note: The steps below apply to both the Game Boy Advance, and the Game Boy Advance SP, unless specially noted.

e-Reader Connected to another Game Boy Advance System

  1. Make sure the e-Reader is firmly inserted into the Game Pak slot of the Game Boy Advance system.
    • For the Game Boy Advance, the Game Pak slot is found on the back of the system.
    • For the Game Boy Advance SP, the Game Pak slot is found on the bottom of the system.

  2. Make sure the e-Reader is properly connected to the other Game Boy Advance system using the Game Boy Advance Link Cable.

  3. Note: Do not use the Universal Link Cable (the link cable with three wires) with the e-Reader. It is not able to transmit the information properly.
  4. Check the instructions for the games you are playing to make sure they are e-Reader compatible and also for any special instructions.
  5. Inspect the cables and link ports for obvious signs of damage.
  6. Try a different Game Boy Advance link cable. If you find that you need a new link cable, you can purchase a new one from our Online Store.
  7. The problem may be the connection port on one of the units. To test this, try the following:
    • Check your Game Boy Advance System Link Port
      If you are familiar with playing two player Game Boy games, remove the e-Reader and try connecting your Game Boy Advance system to another Game Boy. Are you able to play two player games normally?

      If two player games work fine on your Game Boy Advance system, then the problem is likely the e-Reader.

If the problem you are experiencing is with the e-Reader or Game Boy Advance system, please click here to find out what options are available for repair or replacement of your product.