e-Reader - Accessing Saved e-Reader Data

Please Note: The steps below apply to both the Game Boy Advance, and the Game Boy Advance SP, unless specially noted.

This process is used to load a saved NES game from the e-Reader's memory. If you do not know how to save an NES game (using the NES e-Reader cards), click here

  1. Make sure the e-Reader is properly connected.
  2. Turn the Game Boy Advance system power switch ON.
  3. On the e-Reader title screen, press the A Button, then select "Scan Card" and press A again.
  4. When you see the e-Reader title screen, press the A Button on the Game Boy Advance system.
  5. Highlight "Accessed Saved Data" and press the A Button to load the saved game.
  6. Note: In the case of Animal Crossing, no data will be visible. Animal Crossing only formats the e-Reader to work with the Animal Crossing game.

If you receive an "e-Reader Memory Error" message, click here