For specific information on using the Pokéwalker with your Pokémon game, please consult the manual that came with your Pokémon HeartGold or Pokémon SoulSilver game.

  • Message: "The Pokéwalker already has a Pokémon"
    This message appears if you try to duplicate a Pokémon by using the "Lost Pokéwalker" button combination when you have a copy of your Pokémon on the game card and the Pokéwalker, and you try to send a new Pokémon to the Pokéwalker.

    Only one Pokémon can be on a Pokéwalker at a time; trying to send a second Pokémon will not work!

    The easiest way to solve this issue is by resetting the Pokéwalker using the steps below.

    1. Start the game on the Nintendo DS.
    2. Select "Connect to Pokéwalker" from the Main Menu.
    3. You will now be on the menu that says "Go for a Stroll and Receive a gift." Press and hold Down on the D-Pad, X, and the L button all together.
    4. The game caution you that you are erasing the data on the Pokéwalker, and all other data will be lost. Select "Yes" to proceed.

      • Important! Any routes you have unlocked or attained through promotions will still be available on the game card. Any step counts, Pokémon, Found Items, or Watts currently on the Pokéwalker will be erased and there is no way to transfer them to a replacement Pokéwalker.
    5. Now select "Erase Pokéwalker Records," and then when prompted select "Connect" on the Pokéwalker to complete the process.

    This will reset the Pokéwalker and allow it to be synced with the new game save.



  • Message: "Pokéwalker not yet registered"
    This message usually appears after you have replaced your Pokéwalker with a new one. You will need to follow these steps to reset the Pokéwalker.