Nintendo DS Download Station FAQ's

  • What are Nintendo DS Download Stations?
    Bring your Nintendo DS to participating game stores, and wirelessly download demos of some of the newest Nintendo DS games. This is a free service, offered to help showcase the Nintendo DS's unique style of game play. (The game will remain on your Nintendo DS until the system is powered off.)

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  • How do I download a game from a Nintendo DS Download Station?

    1. Visit a participating retail location.
    2. If you have your Nintendo DS set to automatically start playing a DS game whenever a DS Game Card is inserted, you will need to remove any inserted Game Cards first.
    3. Power on the Nintendo DS to reach the "Health and Safety Precautions" screen. Touch the lower screen to proceed to the DS's system menu (clock and calendar on top).
    4. Make sure you are within range (65 feet) of the Nintendo DS Download Station.
    5. Tap the "DS Download Play" icon on the middle-right of the screen. The DS will search for any available signals.
    6. When the DS Download Station icon appears, select it.
    7. After a few seconds of loading, a list of available games to download will appear. Select the game you would like to download.
    8. The game will begin downloading. (Note: The download process may pause occasionally; this is normal.) Once finished, you can play that particular game until the power is turned off on your Nintendo DS.

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  • How long can I play a downloaded game for?
    The game will remain on your Nintendo DS until the system is powered off.

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  • Can I play multiplayer with somebody else who has downloaded the game?
    The versions available for download are not the full versions you would receive upon purchasing the game at retail. While each game is different, multiplayer options would typically not be available on the downloaded version.

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  • Technical Issues

    • Can't find signal of Nintendo DS Download Station
      Be sure you are within range of the Nintendo DS Download Station (approximately 65 feet), and that there are no devices nearby that could potentially cause interference (such as cordless phones). If you are still unable to detect a signal, you may want to check with the staff onsite at the retail location to ensure the Nintendo DS Download Station is working properly.
    • Download Pauses or Hangs
      The Nintendo DS Download Station can transmit to several DS systems at once, but can only transmit one game demo/clip at a time. Pauses during the download are normal as well, depending on the amount of people using the download station.
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