Did you know? The vast majority of hookups can be completed with the Stereo Audio/Video Cable that came with the system. Be sure to check BOTH your TV and VCR for Audio/Video inputs before resorting to using an RF Switch and RF Modulator. Although your TV may not have them, almost all VCRs do.

If you do not have Audio/Video inputs on your TV or VCR to connect your Nintendo GameCube, Nintendo 64 or new-style Super NES, you will need to acquire an RF Switch and RF Modulator to connect your system. (Note: The RF Switch and RF Modulator are the same for all three of these systems. There was no RF Switch or Modulator made by Nintendo for the Wii.)

The availability of the RF Switch and RF Modulator set at retail locations has become limited, which can make these products difficult to find. Your best option may be to purchase these items through the used or refurbished market. We have collected a list of resources you can use to help locate these hard-to-find items. Please click here for more information.