Wii Console not reading disc


Game discs will not start automatically. You must start disc games from the Disc Channel. In addition if the information listed below does not resolve the issue a repair is necessary. So that our technicians are able to duplicate the issue, please include at least one sample game disc that causes this error when played.

  1. Check to be sure that the Game disc is clean and in good condition. If dirty, wipe with a soft cloth, from the centre to the outside. Physically damaged, scratched or marked game discs are not covered by our manufacturer warranty.

  2. Ensure the console is placed the correct way: Vertical – the serial number is located underneath the console. Horizontal – the serial number is on the right hand side.

  3. When placing discs in the console ensure the printed side of the disc is facing away from the buttons on the front of the Wii Console.

    Wii Console not reading the disc 1

  4. If any unlicensed device is connected to the console please disconnect it from the Wii and retest. If necessary be sure to reinsert the original cables for the Wii directly to the console.

  5. Check that the game disc packaging states “For Use with PAL version Wii. Not Compatible with Japanese, U.S or other versions of Wii”. This will ensure it is compatible with an Australian Wii console.

  6. The console has intake and exhaust vents designed to maintain adequate ventilation. Do not operate the console in any location where these vents may become obstructed, for example, on carpet or a tightly enclosed space. Keep vents clear of any dust or foreign material.

  7. Use the official Wii Lens Cleaning Kit to clean any contamination from the internal Disc Lens. This generally can be purchased from any major retailer in Australia that stocks Nintendo products.