Which games are compatible with Save Data Cloud backup?

The vast majority of Nintendo Switch games support Save Data Cloud backup.

Beginning September 18, 2018, games that require a Nintendo Switch Online membership for online play will be identified in Nintendo eShop and in the game's product information. Additional online features (such as Nintendo Switch Online app and Save Data Cloud backup compatibility) will also be displayed there.

For additional assistance locating compatible games, please visit the Nintendo website.

You can identify software that supports save data backup in the following ways:

  • From the Nintendo eShop

Select a game in the Nintendo eShop and scroll down to view the Software Details.

  • From the game's Software Menu Options

If you already own the game, go to the software menu options:

  1. To ensure you have the latest options and features, be sure to install the latest system update. 

  2. From the HOME Menu, select the icon for a game or application. 

  3. Press the - or + Buttons on the Joy-Con controllers to access the software menu and select Save Data Cloud Backup.

    • If this feature is supported, you will have the option to select a user and back up your game progress*.

    • If this feature is not supported, it will be indicated. 

*An active Nintendo Switch Online membership is required