The Nintendo Switch console isn't recognising my controller

  • Is the controller connected? 
    →Open Controllers on the HOME Menu to check what controllers are currently connected.
    If the controller is not being recognised by the console, select "Change Grip/Order" to reconnect it.

  • Are you too far from the Nintendo Switch console? 
    →See if getting closer to the console solves the problem.

  • Is the controller out of battery? 
    →Try charging the controller.

  • Is flight mode on? 
    →Open System Settings on the HOME Menu, then select "Flight Mode" and turn flight mode off.
    Wireless communication may not be allowed in certain places such as aeroplanes or hospitals. In these places, make sure that you turn flight mode on and play with the Joy-Con controllers attached to the console.

  • Is the controller paired to the Nintendo Switch console? 
    →Pair the controller to the console.If you are using the Joy-Con controllers, attach them to the console to pair them.
    When the console is in TV mode, you can pair a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller by connecting it to the Nintendo Switch dock using the USB charging cable.

  • Is the player LED flashing? 
    →If the player LED is flashing, this means that the controller is connecting to the console.
    Please wait. 

  • Have you already connected eight other controllers to the console? 
    →Up to eight controllers can be connected to one Nintendo Switch console at a given time. 

  • Is it possible that radio wave interference could be disrupting the console? 
    →Problems with the console may be caused by nearby devices that can disrupt radio waves, such as audiovisual equipment, microwaves, cordless devices, and metal TV stands or racks. Try moving the console to a different location and see if that fixes the problem.