The Kart Moves Very Slowly, Suddenly Stops Moving, or Does Not Run Very Well

The information in this article can help you when the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit kart moves very slowly, suddenly stops, or does not run very well.

Possible Solutions

  1. Check if steering assist is enabled.

    Steering assist is an in-game feature that automatically turns the steering wheel so that the kart runs along the course.  While racing, press the + Button and open the Options Menu. If the steering assist icon indicates that it is enabled, press the Y Button to disable it and check if this resolves the issue.

  2. Check the selected environment.

    If you select a special environment, certain obstacles will appear in-game which may stop the kart or restrict its movement.
    While racing, press the + Button and open the Options Menu, then press the L Button and set the environment to Sunshine and check if symptoms improve.

  3. Check the items you are using.
    If you use items like Chomp or Bullet Bill, it temporarily restricts kart operations.
    Check whether the kart can be operated without issue when there are no effects from items.

  4. Check the distance and surrounding wireless environment.
    If the distance between the console and kart exceeds 5 meters, the wireless communication will deteriorate, which tends to make the video choppy. Please play within a range of 5 meters.
    The wireless communication can also deteriorate due to other wireless devices being nearby, or there being walls or other obstacles between the console and the kart.Check if the situation improves by playing elsewhere or by turning off any unnecessary wireless devices.

  5. Check the playing surface.
    Ensure the course is set up on a flat surface that is easy for the kart to run on. Avoid playing on thick carpet, slippery surfaces, or steep slopes.

    • Ensure the course you set up does not put an unnecessary strain on the motor, as this may cause damage to it. 

    • As a safety measure, the kart will stop if the motor gets hot or is overloaded. If this happens, allow the kart to rest for a few minutes before resuming game play. 

  6. Check for any objects caught on the kart.
    If there is any pet hair or other objects lodged on the tires or on the wheel axle, carefully remove them.

  7. Check the tires and front axle.
    The tires on the kart can be removed from the wheel axle. Ensure that the tires are fitted properly on the kart.

  8. Verify that the front tires can move freely.
    If a tire is stuck or cannot move freely even though there are no foreign objects stuck to it, the kart may be damaged. Please contact us for support.