The Kart Does Not Recognise the Gate While Driving

The information in this article can help you when the Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit kart moves is unable to recognise one or more gate(s) set up on a course.

Possible Solutions

  1. Clean the kart camera.

Ensure the kart camera is not dirty or obstructed. Use a soft, dry cloth to gently wipe off any dirt or debris from the camera.

  1. Check the placement of the gate.

    • If the gate is set up where bright sources of light are reflecting off it such as sunlight and other bright lights, or in areas that are too dark, it may be difficult for the gate to be recognised by the kart camera. Try adjusting the ambient lighting or place the gate in another location, then set up the course again. 

    •  If the gate is set up on a corner, it may not be recognised if you pass through it while turning at a high speed. Try placing the gate on a straight section of the course, then set up the course again. 

  2. Check the playing surface.

Ensure the course is set up on a flat surface. If the track is bumpy and the kart camera is shaken a lot while the kart is running, the gate may not be recognised properly.

  1. Verify the number of gates. 

The system can only recognise one set of 4 gates. If additional gates are set up on the course, they will not be recognised.

  1. Check the condition of the gate.

Remove from the gate any dirt, debris, or any items that may reflect light, such as adhesive tape.

  • If the dirt cannot be removed, you can cover it using white paper.

  • If the gate is torn or damaged, you can print one from our website.

  • If the kart is unable to recognise any gate there may be an issue with the kart camera, please contact us for support.