Software Rating Organization Overview

Game classifications can help you to find entertainment that is suitable for your family. All packaged Nintendo Switch games sold in Australia and New Zealand carry classification markings on the front of the packaging. For digital games sold via Nintendo eShop, the classification information is displayed prior to purchase. These classifications help parents make informed choices about suitable video game content.

In Australia, the Classification Board is a statutory body which makes classification decisions for films, computer games and certain publications. It provides consumer advice about the content of films and computer games it classifies. Consumer advice explains the classifiable elements that have the highest impact in films and computer games. It helps consumers make an informed choice about what they read, view and play.

In New Zealand, the Office of Film and Literature Classification (OFLC) is the organisation responsible for classifying games, films and other publications.

  • Classifications apply only to games, not to non-game applications. 

  • The Nintendo Switch system is not region locked so it is possible to play games not classified by the Classification Board in Australia or the OFLC in New Zealand (e.g., games rated by CERO and PEGI). By using Custom Settings for the Restriction Level, you can select a different Software Rating Organization to determine your Restricted Software setting. If you start a game that has not been rated by the Software Rating Organization you selected, the system will apply the closest equivalent software Restriction Level. 

For Nintendo Switch Parental Controls, the Software Rating Organization setting establishes the body whose rating standards apply to your Restricted Software setting. Since the Parental Controls allow the use of Restriction Level presets for Teen, Pre-Teen, Child, and Custom Settings (by age), it is important to understand how the classifications in Australia and New Zealand interact with these levels.