Problems with Download Codes (Software, DLC, and Themes)


Additional Information

  • Nintendo is not able to replace codes that have been lost or stolen.

  • If you see a message that your download code has already been used, please read Error Message: This Code Has Already Been Used.

  • If you receive Error Code: 2811-6058, wait a short while before trying to redeem the download code again.

  • For assistance with download codes issued through My Nintendo, please read Problems with Download Codes (My Nintendo Reward).

  • Digital game purchases made through the Nintendo website are downloaded directly to your system or console and do not receive a download code. For help with this process, please read How to Purchase or Pre-Order Nintendo eShop Games on the Official Nintendo Website.

  • Download codes purchased from retailers or bundled with Nintendo products do not expire. However, download codes given out for a specific promotion (Pokémon distributions, etc.) and those obtained through My Nintendo will usually have an expiry date.

What to Do:

  • Verify that you are redeeming the code correctly on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch.

  •  Verify that the country/region setting for your Nintendo Account is correct on your Nintendo Switch console.

    • A download code can only be redeemed if the code is from the same country/region as the country/region set for your Nintendo Account. (For example, a code sold for use in Japan can only be redeemed with a Nintendo Account also set to Japan.)

    • If you are attempting to use a download code from a different country/region (for example, a European download code with a Nintendo Account with a Australian country/region setting), the download code will not work.

  • Check your previously downloaded titles on Nintendo eShop. If you already redeemed the download code, you can redownload the game.

  • If the download code is still not working, it may not have been activated correctly at the store. Please check with the retailer that provided the code.

Situation Not Resolved

If the download code is still not working, please contact the game's publisher for support. The publisher's website or contact information is usually listed on the download code card or game case.

If the game is published by Nintendo, please contact us for additional support.